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Note from the President and Secretary

President's Newsletter

It looks like we are getting back to more “normal” operations

at our club. This last year has been difficult for our

members, our management, our staff, and your Board. Many

decisions had to be made with no previous history to help

guide us. The Board stood together and set a direction for

the management team. The management team executed our

plans, and always went above expectations. Our entire staff

did whatever was needed to make sure our members’

experience was both safe and enjoyable. Our membership

followed guidelines and were very understanding of the

many decisions that were made. The BAC family worked

together and we survived what could have been a disastrous

situation. I would like to thank everyone for all their efforts

and cooperation throughout this last year. The Blackhawk

Athletic Club is truly a family, and our family stuck together

and came through this and we are as strong as we ever were.

The Club welcomed some new members in May. In their

welcome envelope we included a note describing a few

details about the club and club membership. I have included

a copy of this note with the newsletter. Please take the time

to look it over, a little refresher for all members.

The Club held its annual clean-up day on May 22nd. We had

a nice turnout. Much got accomplished. I am sure you will

like some of the small additions and updates that were made.

Thank you to all that donated their time to enhance the

overall atmosphere of the club.

Have a great spring and summer. I hope to see you all soon

at our BAC.

Myron Shayka

Secretary's Newsletter

June Events for 2021 and food menu


Tue. June 1 st Tacos, Fri. June 4 th Pork Chop Sandwiches, Sunday June 6 th Skillet Breakfast 8-11 a.m.   Tue. June 8 th Wings, Fri. June 11 th Fish Fry, Tue. June 15 th Soup and Subs., Fri. June 18 th Burgers, Tue. June 22 nd Wings, Fri. June 25 th Fajitas, and Tue. June 29 th BBQ sandwiches.       Food will be served on Tuesday and Friday nights from 5-7 July - Aug we just don’t know the menu at this time. Skillet Breakfast will be served on the First Sunday in June and Aug. from 8-11 a.m. No Skillet breakfast will be served in July for the 4 th is on a Sunday.  Fish Fry will be the Second Friday in June, July and Aug. from 5-7.


June 19 th is the annual Golf Outing at Swan Hills signup sheet is posted and still time to sign up.


 Members Appreciation day is July 17 th, you received your 5 raffle tickets in this envelope. They are $5.00 each or $20.00 for all 5. Club would really appreciate if you could sell or buy these tickets. It is our only big fund raiser for the club and this helps keep our drink prices in line and keeps our club going. Food will be served that day starting at noon and we are looking in to having music that afternoon also.


August we have a few events already scheduled, Aug. 14 th is the Corn Boil with free corn, and sandwiches to purchase make sure to mark your calendar. Kayla Seeber will be performing during the afternoon of the Corn Boil.


Aug. 28 will be the Golf Play Day at Newberg Village, check the bulletin board for signup sheet when the time gets closer.


If you have an e-mail address and I have it you will get a updates every month what is happening at the club.  If you have an e-mail address and I don’t have it please give it to me and you will get the club updates.


I also try to keep my membership roster up to date so if you have cancelled your land line or changed your phone number please give me your new number to get me up to date, Thank You


Have a Great Summer     Gary Schoester Sec